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This is Alice.

This is also Alice.

Originally named Pretender, Alice is a relatively young Decepticon created to infiltrate human society and search for information connected to the location of Matrix of Leadership. Her alternate mode is that of a human, currently a mid-twenties blonde Caucasian female conforming to 21st century Western standards of hotness. Alice prefers humans to her own people, since she's spent the majority of her life pretending to be one. While she retains her merciless Decepticon instincts her current personality is distinctly organic. Minus the squishy reproductive parts. That's just gross.

Background: Pretender is approximately seven thousand years old, created from an already-sparked protoform as one of the Fallen's "Seekers"--Decepticons charged with hunting down the Matrix of Leadership on Earth. In pursuit of her goal Pretender learned to emulate the human body near-perfectly, allowing her to move amoung the inferior organics with a freedom her larger comrades lacked. Pretender took on countless names and faces as she traveled in search of the lost Matrix. Over time Pretender's immersion in Earth culture began to divert her interest away from her mission, and eventually led her to completely disregard her search in favor of enjoying the more interesting parts of humanity.

In the early 2000s she settled down under the name the name Alice Gimlé and formed Charybdis Corporation, a small but revolutionary technology company. By reverse-engineering the mechanisms of her own body, her employees were able to create technology far beyond current human capabilities and sell the most simplistic of them to the human public. Only her inner circle of engineers and programmers are privy to her true nature and she keeps the company purposefully small in order to avoid attention.

During the events of "Revenge of the Fallen" (approximately 2009) Alice was called back into action and reluctantly reformatted herself into a college girl in order to become close to Autobot ally Sam Witwicky. When she discovered he knew the whereabouts of the Matrix of Leadership she attempted to murder him before the Fallen could get his hands on the information. That did not go so well, and she was left out of commission until the battle was over.

Alice survived being smashed into a lamppost by Mikaela Banes, and used the opportunity to fake her own death to the lingering remains of the Decepticon army. This allowed her to return to running Charybdis unnoticed by both her own race and anti-Decepticon forces in the US Government.
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